Are laws and administrative provisions just technical implementations of politics and boring? Are they useless for debates or controversial campaigns? We do not think so.
On the contrary, we believe that regulation fuels controversies on major policies. The German debate on a reform of public health insurance, for example, was a debate on which of two concepts can broaden the income base needed for solidarity-based funding of the social security systems while reducing non-wage labor costs. The two concepts which were being discussed are the “citizens’ insurance scheme” and a system with “flat-rate per capita health insurance premiums.” The political dispute over the best method and the legal form of either method was one of the most sophisticated and interesting political disputes in recent years.

In the field of Regulatory Advocacy PIVOT analyses the underlying system which different laws and regulations can be traced back to. PIVOT identifies the way a regulatory framework functions as a whole as well as specific regulatory mechanisms which are relevant to a certain market. Our task in Regulatory Advocacy is to fully understand the regulatory issues of our clients. We are experienced in close collaboration with the experts in the legal departments of companies or law firms and law departments of universities.



If you are interested in a career as Consultant Regulatory Advocacy, you should of course have an affinity for sociological, political or legal problems. When dealing with legal affairs, particularly administrative law, you should always look for structures and systematics. You react to volatile and agitated public debates by asking in which outcome it should really result. You then sit back and calmly point out that the issue can be dealt with by regulatory measures on the one hand, but also without them on the other …